You can view an audit list of events in your Elastigroups. The Audit page shows a list of events and enables tracking and visibility of actions on your resources. For each event, the following parameters are displayed:

  • Event Timestamp
  • Event Type, e.g., Update, Create, Detach Instances, Deploy Instances
  • Resources Type, e.g., Elastigroup, Ocean
  • Resource ID
  • User Name

For each event, you have the option to view additional details such as the Payload of the action.

View the Audit List

To view the Audit list, click in the console and choose Audit. The Audit list appears as shown in the example below.

View Event Details

To view more details about an event, click the arrow by the Event Timestamp. The details are shown below the event as shown in the example below.

Filter the Events by Time Period

The default time period is to show events that occurred in the last week. You can change the time period to show, for example, just events from the current day, the last year, or from a time period that you define.

  1. On the right side of the Audit page, click the time filter.
  2. Choose the time period and click OK.
Search for Events

You can search for events by entering free text in the Search filter or by entering tags and attributes that are displayed as you search.

  1. In the Audit page, click in the Search filter.
  2. Choose one of the attributes displayed, e.g., User or Event Type, and then choose one of the values for that attribute, e.g., a specific user or a specific Event Type. Alternatively, you can search by just typing free text in the filter.