Cloud Analyzer is your cloud management and optimization dashboard.
It is designed to be the first step within the Spotinst platform and provides a gateway to the other tools you can use to optimize your cloud spending.

Cloud Analyzer is designed to help with the following major challenges:

  • Tracking and monitoring of your cloud expenses
  • Identifying waste and potential optimization points
  • Delivering executable action items

Cloud Analyzer meets these challenges by providing concrete data and recommendations in the dashboards described below.

Cost Analysis

Cloud Analyzer provides a detailed cost analysis of past, present, and estimated spend, providing deep cross-cloud and cross-account visibility. The Cost Analysis dashboard delivers a clear view of your organization’s entire cloud expenses and a drill down into individual workloads, accounts, and services.

Trends & Notifications

The Trends & Notifications tool continuously identifies trends and irregularities in cloud usage, highlighting events such as spikes in service usage, misconfigured resources, instance failures, and more. Each event can be investigated to easily identify its root cause, and custom event parameters can be configured.


The Optimization dashboard serves as a doorway to other tools in the Spotinst platform. The dashboard displays a complete cross-account savings summary, identifies workloads that can be optimized using Spotinst optimization solutions, and provides detailed recommendations that you can implement and automate with the click of a button.

Get started today by following the Cloud Analyzer Onboarding guide.