Use the procedure on this page if you are an existing Spotinst customer and want to connect your AWS Cost and Usage Reports to start using Cloud Analyzer. If you are a new customer and are connecting to Spotinst for the first time, use the following procedure: Connect your AWS Master Payer Account: First Registration.


  • Organization administration permissions in Cloud Analyzer are required to register an organization to Cloud Analyzer.
  • Getting started with Cloud Analyzer on AWS requires read-only permissions to the Cost and Usage Reports, which are located in the Master Payer account.

AWS Region

All actions in this procedure should be made in the US-East-1 (Northern Virginia) AWS region. (This includes generating the CUR file into a bucket in us-east-1.) If there is a problem doing this, please contact Support.


Once you log into the Spotinst console, go to the Cloud Analyzer Cost Analysis dashboard. You will see the following message:

Click Add Permissions to start the connection wizard.


From here, follow the steps on screen to connect your account.

Step 1

Log in to your AWS Master Payer account.


  • If your account is not managed by an MSP, complete Step 2 and continue with the setup.
  • If your Account is managed by an MSP, your MSP must set up the Cost and Usage reports as described here. Skip Steps 2 and 3 and continue with Step 4.
Step 2

Set up Cost and Usage Reports.

  • To go to AWS Cost and Usage Report setup, click here.
  • To create a new report, follow the illustrations below.
    Important guidelines:

    • Include Resource IDs under Additional report details”
    • Enable Data refresh settings.
    • Time granularity Units should be Hourly.
    • Enable report data integration for Amazon Athena.

Mark the checkboxes as shown below.


Step 3
  • In your AWS account, go to the Cost and Usage Reports page.
  • Under Delivery Options, copy the S3 Bucket value.

  • Return to your account in the Spotinst Console and paste the name of the S3 bucket where the hourly cost and usage reports are stored.
Step 4
  • Open the linked Cloudformation Template.  

Step 5
  • Mark the checkbox acknowledging that CloudFormation will create IAM resources, and hit create.

Step 6
  • Once the stack is created, copy the Spotinst Role ARN from the CloudFormation stack Outputs tab.

  • Paste the Spotinst Role ARN in the wizard.
    • If your account is not managed by an MSP, Click Done. Your registration is complete.
    • If your account is managed by an MSP, contact Spotinst Support.

Once your Organization is connected to the Spotinst Cloud Analyzer, initial data processing will take up to 48 hours. You will be notified via email when your dashboards are ready.