In the Cloud Analyzer Optimization page, the Reservations tab provides information and recommendations about optimizing the use of reserved instances. The page displays a summary line at the top and several graphs providing a picture of your current waste and potential savings to be achieved with Spotinst optimization.

Summary Line

The summary line displays the following information:

  • Potential Yearly Savings: The yearly amount that can be saved by using RI recommendations
  • All Time Waste: Total amount wasted on unused RIs
  • Last Week Missed Savings: The amount you could have saved in the last week alone using a cost-optimized workload
  • Current RI Commitment: The monthly amount of RI capacity you are currently committed to
  • Recommended RI Commitment: The monthly RI spend recommended for your workload

The graphs present the following information to help you optimize your utilization of reserved instances:

  • Rerserved Instance All-Time Waste:  Waste of unused RIs per AWS service each month. The graph can be filtered by service.
  • Potential Yearly Savings per AWS Service: Yearly savings that can be achieved using RIs per AWS service. The graph can be filtered by service.
  • Savings Over Time: Amount of money that has been saved using RIs.
  • Commitment Over Time: The sum of commitment types over time in your portfolio.
  • Commitment per Service: Annual RI commitment per AWS service. The graph can be filtered by service.
  • Commitment per Region: Annual RI commitment per AWS region. The graph can be filtered by region.

To learn more about using Spotinst Eco, see the Eco documentation.