Archive an Event

Once you have reviewed the events in the Trends & Notifications page, you can archive events that you no longer wish to see in the summary table. To archive one or more events, do the following:

  1. In the summary table, mark the checkbox for each event you want to archive.
  2. Above the table on the right, click Archive.

View All Events

To view a list of all events, including active and archived, click View All Events below the summary table. A new page appears showing a table of All Irregular Events.

All Irregular Events

The All Irregular Events page displays a table of all active and archived events.

You can filter the events displayed in the table by tags and attributes or search by keyword. You can also choose a timeframe to display, for example, the last 100 days.

On this page, you can also do the following:

  • Archive: Archive events you do not want to see in the Trends & Notifications summary table
  • Reactivate: Unarchive events so that they may appear in the Trends & Notifications summary table
  • Event Definition: Define new criteria for the system to recognize new irregular events