Event Details

When you review the information in the Trends & Notifications page, you may want to know more about a specific event that appears. To see more information about a specific event, click the Event ID in the summary table. A new page opens with detailed information about the event.

Summary Line

A summary line appears at the top of the page.

The summary line includes the following information:

  • Monthly Costs: The actual cost of the recognized event
  • Expected Costs: The expected range of cost based on cost data from previous periods
  • Cost Change: Comparison of expected cost to actual cost as a percent
Anomaly Trends

In the middle of the page, the Anomaly Trends graph illustrates the historical spending trend leading up to the event.

Cost Breakdown

On the lower part of the page, the Cost Breakdown table shows a breakdown of the cost components that make up the overall change in spending. Each component shows its own change as a percent. This enables you to identify the services that have the greatest impact on the event.


Next to Cost Breakdown table, you can enter your comments in the Comments panel and correspond with other users about a specific event.