1. Grant Tiller access to create resources in kube-system namespace (see: Tiller and Role-based Access Control):
    # Create a ServiceAccount for Tiller
    $ kubectl create serviceaccount tiller \
    # Create a ClusterRoleBinding
    $ kubectl create clusterrolebinding tiller-cluster-rule \
      --clusterrole=cluster-admin \
    # Patch Tiller's Deployment to use `tiller` service account
    $ kubectl patch deployment tiller-deploy \
      --namespace=kube-system \
  2. Add Spotinst’s Helm charts repository:
    $ helm repo add spotinst https://spotinst.github.io/spotinst-kubernetes-helm-charts
  3. Update information of available charts:
    $ helm repo update
  4. Install the Spotinst Kubernetes cluster controller:
    $ helm install spotinst/spotinst-kubernetes-cluster-controller \
      --set spotinst.token=<TOKEN> \
      --set spotinst.account=<ACCOUNT_ID> \
      --set spotinst.clusterIdentifier=<IDENTIFIER>
    NOTE: Please configure all chart's values using the set command line argument or a values.yaml file.