Create Cluster Roll

In this tutorial, we will cover how to initiate a Roll Cluster deployment.

Prior to this feature, every time you needed to perform infrastructure changes which required a deployment roll, (Modify AMI, User-Data, Security-Group, Private IP, etc.) you were required to perform actions such as disabling the Ocean “Auto-Scaler”, and manually detaching the instances in the EG. 

Using Ocean roll, you will have the ability to roll your cluster with a single click, in order to replace instances in a blue-green manner. The deployment is taking into consideration the actual pods which are currently running in the cluster, and freezing any auto-scaling related activity, until the roll will be completed.

Step 1: Create Cluster Roll

On the top right corner, select “Actions” and then choose “Create Cluster Roll”


In the pop-up window, select the batch size which will be rolled at the same time. The value is percentage of the cluster’s size.

Step 2: Monitor Cluster Roll

After we have created the cluster roll, let’s browse to the “Overview” tab.

Please select “Cluster Roll”.

In this tab you will see the details of the Cluster Roll you created in step 1, as well as the deployment progress.