Once Eco is enabled for the account and you have chosen your reserved instance Strategy, you can view information about your savings in the Overview dashboard.

Summary Line

The Overview dashboard includes a summary line which displays the following information:

  • Total Saved: Total amount saved as a result of reserved instance utilization.
  • Current Commitment:The amount currently committed to reserved instances. The lower the commitment, the more flexible and dynamic the account’s compute resources can be.
  • Additional Potential Savings: The amount of additional potential savings in USD on top of existing RIs.
  • Current EC2 Commitment: The current percentage of On-Demand instances in the account that are covered by reservations.
  • Max EC2 Commitment: Maximum potential committed amount.

By default, the items above include all of your AWS services. However, you can use the drop-down filter, Selected Services, to display the information for specific services. You can display according to services such as EC2, RDS, and ElastiCache.


By default, all services are included. Below, you will find the following graphs:

  • Savings over Time: A bar graph showing the amount of savings each month broken down per service.
  • Commitment over Time: A bar graph showing your reserved instance commitment per month broken down into Standard, Convertible, and Pending instances.
  • Commitment per Service: A pie chart  showing the current reserved instance commitment broken down into the different services.
  • Commitment per Region: A pie chart showing the current reserved instance commitment broken down by region.

The graphs and charts can be filtered according to the items in the legend.

As Eco manages the account’s RI pool, the commitment over time graph will begin to gradually indicate shorter commitment terms, while savings will increase towards their maximum potential.