After you click Choose Strategy in the Analysis page, you will choose a reserved instance strategy in the Strategy Selection page, shown below.

You can choose a strategy that best suits your needs:

  • Short Term
  • Medium Term
  • Long Term
  • Custom Term

When you mark a strategy, be sure to check the information to the right which includes summary line and potential yearly savings for the selected strategy.

Summary Line

The Summary Line displays the following numbers:

  • All Time Waste: Amount wasted on unused reserved instances.
  • Current RI Commitment: The monthly amount of reserved instance compute capacity you are currently committed to.
  • Recommended RI Commitment: The monthly amount recommended for your workload following the Eco analysis.
Potential Yearly Savings per AWS Service

This chart shows the yearly savings that can be achieved with reserved instances per AWS service. The figures in this chart will vary according to the strategy you choose.

Apply Strategy

Once you have marked a strategy, click Apply Strategy. Eco will then analyze your strategy and start managing your reserved instances.