Configuration alerts allow more visibility and control of group configuration and integration healthiness.


What Do We Validate?

1. Resources exist in AWS

2. Block Device Mapping

  • If Block Device Mapping is configured for the root device, the BDM snapshot Id should be identical to the Image snapshot Id
  • The BDM volume size must be greater than the Image volume size.

3. Integration connection passes


Example: an ELB is configured but it does not exist in AWS:

Under  “Elastigroups” view:

The affected Elastigroup’s dashboard displays the following message at the top of the page:


Resolution: removing the invalid ELB from the group configuration:

Example: Invalid Block Device Mapping:

Image snapshot Id is different than the BDM Snapshot Id

AMI configuration:

BDM in group configuration (JSON):

Resolution: removing the BDM configuration block from the group’s JSON


For more information, check out our documentation on Block Device Mapping.