This page includes information required to install Halyard and set up Spot as a cloud provider in Spinnaker. Halyard is the configuration service which manages the lifecycle of Spinnaker services.


The procedures for setting up and completing the Spinnaker integration with Spot assume a working knowledge of and experience working with Spinnaker.

Before you start this procedure, you must complete the following:

  1. Open a Spot account and connect your cloud provider. (See Connect Your Cloud Provider Account.)
  2. Get an API token. (See Create an API Token.)
  3. Use the Spot console to create your Elastigroups.

Usage Notes

  • It is highly recommended to have a Spot account that contains only Elastigroups managed in Spinnaker.
  • Ensure that all of your Elastigroups are named according to the Spinnaker naming convention: application_name-stack-infrastructure_version
  • Using the Spinnaker dashboard to create Elastigroups is not currently supported.

Install Halyard

Use the commands below to install Halyard from the Git repository:

git clone
git checkout add_spot_provider

Add Spot as a Cloud Provider

To add Spot to Spinnaker as a cloud provider, complete the steps below. This procedure is for MacOSX.

  1. Move to the folder of the git repository and change directories as follows:

    cd ./halyard-cli
  2. Run the local command gradlew that is located in the folder.

    ./gradlew halyard-web:run

    The halyard service is running and can interact with the halyard client.

  3. Open a new terminal and move to the same directory as before:

    cd ./halyard-cli
  4. Run the following commands to add Spot as a cloud provider and register to your Spot Account:

    ./hal config provider spot edit --api-token <SPOT_API_TOKEN>
    ./hal config provider spot account add <SPOT_ACC_NAME> --account-id <SPOT_ACC_ID>
    ./hal config provider spot enable

What’s next?

Continue to the next task: Set up Environment as Local Git.