Configure Elastigroup’s Custom Health Checks

Spotinst offers an option for you to use our own custom Health Check Service (HCS) in your Elastigroup. You can read all about it right here: Spotinst Custom Health Check Service – HCS. After setting up HCS in your VPC you can reference it for the desired Elastigroup. To get started enter the Management view of the desired Elastigroup and under the Actions menu select Set Health Check.

The Health Check Service window will open. Set the following parameters:

Name: Name your Health Check for convenience.
ProxyAddress: The public host/IP of your selected instance you installed service on. This will be set like http://publicip
Protocol: Which protocol will Spotinst use to check the healthiness of your instances. Supported for now are http / https.
Endpoint: The path of the Health Check in each instance.
Interval: The interval (in seconds) between the checks. Minimum of 10.
Timeout: The timeout (in seconds) to wait for each instance to answer the check. If it did not answer, we mark this attempt as unhealthy
UnhealthyThreshold: The number of consecutive failed health checks that must occur before declaring an instance unhealthy
HealthyThreshold: The number of consecutive successful health checks that must occur before declaring an instance healthy

Save the settings and make sure that the HCS is also being used in the “Auto-Healing” setting of the group.