Budget and Threshold Configuration:
There are 2 methods to set a budget for an Elastigroup:

  • From the Elastigroup Dashboard
  • From the Budgets Dashboard
    In the EG dashboard, browse to the “Costs” tab, there you will find a new icon “Set Budget”.

In order to access the Budgets dashboard, please click on the new “Budgets” icon in the left hand menu.

Afterwards, select “Elastigroups”.

In the table-view list, Spotinst will present all the Elastigroups that are part of your account, and which don’t have a budget configured yet.

The table will present the Elastrigroups with the following fields:

  • Elastigroup Name
  • Elastigroup ID
  • Last Month Spend – Operational costs of the EG last month
  • Month to Date Spend – Operational costs of the EG so far

In order to set a budget for one of the EG in the list, click on the “Set Budget” icon.

In the “Set Budget” screen, you are required to configure 2 variables:

  1. Desired Monthly Budget of the EG in USD $.
  2. Thresholds

Once you click on “Add Threshold”, the following screen will open:

For a threshold you have the option to define 2 types of variables:

  • Percentage of the budget: For example, 75% of the budget.
    • A threshold can be over 100%. For example 150% of the budget
  • Dollars: For example, 200$.

In addition to that, for each threshold you configure, you have the option to select the alerting type, either Email or SNS.

According to your requirements, you can define several thresholds for an EG.

After you have completed the budget configuration, click on “Set Budget” on the bottom right corner.

That’s It! Your Budget is all set!