In the main Budgets dashboard you have the option to monitor the budgets.

In the graph on the left, you can view the budget segmentation of “Total Spend” (costs so far) against the “Total Current Budget” (all budgets configured), this is in order to provide you with a Macro view of the total cost of your Elastigroup clusters.  

Moreover, the graph provides a breakdown of the EG costs for the last month’s period, and also a prediction of the cost (according to the data of the month). If you toggle with the mouse over the green vertical, you will see the exact cost on that specific day.

In addition to that, at the bottom under “Budgeted Elastigroups”, you can view the budget progress bar of each Elastigroup and identify if that specific Elastigroup has a budget deviation or if it’s close to that.

At the bottom right, you can view the “Budget Alerts” which will indicate in cases that a threshold has been crossed.