While setting up your Spotinst Account – we use a cloud formation stack to register our IAM Role Policy in your AWS account. This Policy holds permissions that are needed for Spotinst’s account to handle your AWS resources.

Refer the below link for the AWS arn of your IAM role:

Note: It is important to keep this Policy updated with the latest version listed here – Spotinst Policy 

Step 1: Login to your AWS IAM management console

Login to your AWS console and navigate to the IAM management console:

Step 2: locate your Spotinst Policy

Click on Policies from the side menu:

Search for Spotinst policy and select it.

Step 3: Editing the Policy

In the Policy screen – select the “Permissions” tab, view the JSON and click on “Edit Policy”:

You can now remove the JSON and replace it with the latest policy available in our API Docs.

Step 4: Verify and save