Spotinst Elastigroup for AWS is an IaaS Optimization platform in which the user can provision, manage and scale compute infrastructure to support any Web Application or workload that is running behind a Load Balancer. 

Spotinst Elastigroup for AWS seamlessly integrates with several AWS services, such as ALB\ELB, ASG, Beanstalk, Route53, Opsworks, CodeDeploy, Chef, and EMR. 

Get Started

  1. Create an Elastigroup from an existing ASG (Auto-Scaling Group)
  2. Create an Elastigroup from an existing Elastic Load Balancer
  3. Create a Stateful Elastigroup


Note: In case you require to create and configure your Elastigroup cluster VIA API or CI\CD tools, please read our documentation for the exact commands via API, CloudFormation, or Terraform.