What Is Elastigroup?

Running on the cloud is expensive. Cloud providers offer their spare compute capacity at a discount of up to 80% as a means of keeping costs down, however the interruption of these instances when the cloud provider needs the capacity back has made this an impractical solution for applications that require availability.

Elastigroup is a compute management solution that predicts the interruption of spare compute instances and seamlessly replaces them, ensuring that the application is always available. Elastigroup monitors spare compute prices to locate your application in the most cost efficient market and launches on-demand instances only when no spare capacity is available. With Elastigroup you can take advantage of up to 80% in cost savings while maintaining 100% availability, backed by an SLA.

Always On, Always Cost-Efficient.

Elastigroup ensures that your cluster is always cost-efficient. If spare compute capacity isn’t available Elastigroup will launch dedicated (On-Demand) instances to ensure that your applications remain available and will opportunistically revert back to spare computing capacity. Purchased Reserved Instances? Elastigroup will prioritize your reserved instances and ensure that they’re fully utilized, launching spare compute instances only when no reserved instances are available.

Supported Services and Integrations

Elastigroup enables a wide variety of services to run their workloads on spare capacity, saving up to 80% in compute costs. Container management systems such as Kubernetes, AWS’s ECS and Google’s GKE can run their container clusters on spare capacity. With Elastigroup you can run AWS Elastic Beanstalk, EMR, AutoScaling Groups and more for up to 80% less. Elastigroup also supports CI/CD pipeline tools such as Jenkins, Chef and OpsWorks and provisioning tools such as Ansible, Docker Machine and Terraform.


Pay only if you’ve saved money. It’s that simple.

What’s Next

The Elastigroup documentation contains conceptual information and tutorials on all of Elastigroup’s features. Separate sections describe Elastigroup’s General Concepts, Stateful Applications, supported Services and Integrations and more.

  • To learn about getting started with Elastigroup head to the Quickstart tutorial, which covers the basic setup of an Elastigroup.
  • To familiarize yourself with Elastigroup’s basic concepts head to the General Concepts section.