This procedure describes how to import a managed instance from AWS to your account in Spot. This will enable you to have full control of your managed instance directly in Spot and take advantage of all of the optimization features available in Spot.

Running single instance workloads on Managed Instance will provide you with a simple and intuitive environment as well as additional visibility tailored to the stateful single-instance use case. If you have stateful single-instance workloads in AWS, you can import them to the Spot environment using the procedure below.


Before you can create a managed instance, you will need to do the following:

Import your Managed Instance

1. To import your stateful single instance from AWS, go to the Managed Instance dashboard on the Spot console and click New Instance on the top right.

2. When the New Managed Instance form appears, mark the use case Create a New Managed Instance from and Existing One.

3. Complete the information in the form as described below.

  • Region. Select the correct region from the list.
  • Instance ID. Enter the ID of the AWS instance to import.
  • Use the same Private IP. Choose this if you want the private IP in Spot to be the same as the one you used in AWS. When you choose this option, the existing instance in AWS will be terminated automatically after the migration is completed.
  • Use a new Private ID. Choose this if you want the private IP in Spot to be different from the one you used in AWS. An available IP will be chosen from the subnet.
    • Terminate existing instance. When you mark this option, the existing AWS instance will be terminated automatically after Spot has completed creation of the imported image.

4. Click Select.