Ocean automates cloud infrastructure for containers. It continuously analyzes how your containers are using infrastructure, automatically scaling compute resources to maximize utilization and availability, and utilizing the optimal blend of spot, reserved, and on-demand compute instances. Ocean enables you to:

  • Automate container infrastructure – continuously managing scaling and sizing of your cluster infrastructure based on container resource needs.
  • Understand your costs – providing real-time insight into infrastructure costs by services, applications, and tasks to enable showback and accountability.
  • Deliver on SLAs – ensuring availability and performance by predicting and automatically addressing resource needs and instance interruptions.
  • Minimize costs – automatically using the optimal mix of on demand, reserved, and spot instances to reduce costs by up to 90%.

Connect Your Cloud Provider Account

If you have not yet connected Spot with your Cloud provider account, go ahead and Connect your Account now.  Once you have connected your account, get started with an Ocean cluster.

Get Started With An Ocean Cluster

There are several ways to create an Ocean-managed cluster. Choose the method that is right for you.

What’s Next?

For a high-level overview of Ocean, you can read the following:

For more information about specific features in Ocean, read here.