Ocean on-premises gathers data from all monitored Kubernetes clusters, regardless of where the cluster is deployed. After analysis, Ocean provides a consolidated dashboard for clear visibility into your Kubernetes clusters.
Ocean on-premises uses predictive algorithms and delivers recommendations on the most cost-effective cloud deployment method.


Cluster utilization

Ocean Controller is monitoring your Kubernetes clusters and reports back utilization metrics such as running pods requirements, cluster nodes capacity, labels, and additional metadata to provide deep insights on your cluster.


Determining Costs

Based on your cluster resource consumption (CPU, Memory), Ocean calculates the estimated TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for your cluster. By default, Ocean uses its anonymous gathered data to set the default cost per unit of CPU and Memory then multiply it by the consumed resources in the cluster. The cost per unit can be changed at any time to fit your actual costs.


Costs Breakdown & Recommendation

Based on the provided cost per unit of resources, Ocean breaks down the cost per Kubernetes Pod / Deployment and Namespace.
Ocean on-premises uses a predictive algorithm to estimate the costs for running the same workload on the cloud to simplify the cloud migration plan.