Shared VPC allows an organization to connect resources from multiple projects to a common VPC network, so that they can communicate with each other securely and efficiently using internal IPs from that network. When you use Shared VPC, you designate a project as a host project and attach one or more other service projects to it. The VPC networks in the host project are called Shared VPC networks.

This tutorial covers the process to import a GKE cluster with shared VPC into Ocean.

Prepare Your Shared VPC On GKE
  • Make sure that you have a running GKE cluster with a shared VPC configured.
  • Set permissions: Grant ‘Compute Network User’ role to the Spotinst Service Account you’ve created when you first created your Spotinst Account.
    • Browse to your GCP project shared VPC page:<HOST_PROJECT_ID>
    • Choose the desired host project and click on ‘Add members’ on the menu to the right.

    • Click on ‘Add members’ on the menu to the right.
    • Fill the desired service account and grant it ‘Compute Network User’ role.

That’s it! you can continue by joining your GKE cluster to Ocean and the newly launched resources will seamlessly use the shared VPC.